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Employing local and international staff

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  • Managment with over 30 years of internacional experience  in the maintenance sector
  • Registered and licensed by MINPET Angola
  • Registered and Certified by C.A.E.
  • Localized strategies with years of demosntrated succedd in angola

Prometim is an Angolan company with 89% of Angolan capital that operates in the areas of Maintenance for Oil&Gas and General Industry, Multi-Technical Maintenance and New Facilities Design and Installation.

Prometim is registered in MINPET and MINCOM and it is Certified by CAE ANGOLA.

Our Management and Senior Techs have over 30 years of internacional experience in our areas of expertise.

We have proven experience in the creation and development of maintenance teams in Angola with a local content ratio of 90%

Prometim is the official channel partner in Angola for Hoerbiger. This company is our technological partner for the maintenance of compressors and GE (General Electrics) industrial engines.

The HOERBIGER Group headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, is a global leader in the fields of compression technology, drive technology, and hydraulic systems

PROMETIM provides technical support and industrial maintenance services, designed to improve the life of equipment, increasing the availability of facilities and contributing to improve the competitiveness of our customers.

Our main goals are to achieve a high availability of production equipment with low maintenance costs, by optimizing the human resources and promoting a culture of training and development of local staff, complying with “local content” policies.

We recognize that our human resources should be very experienced and highly qualified, and mainly, should be able to work in the very difficult circumstances of the offshore environment, so we promote a internal culture of safety being our objective the achievement of the highest levels of safety (zero accidents).

To operate as a company committed to adding value to Angola through the training and integration of local technicians into the maintenance sector.