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About Us

why clients choose our services

We are committed to provide to our customers a wide range of quality services internationally recognized, in accordance with the industry’s international best practices, acknowledging the importance a motivated team, in a healthy and safe environment, where our employees feel valued for their efforts and have the possibility to develop their professional and personal skills.


Where we are


Republic of Congo





We are an
ISO certified company

Vision, Mission & Values

We are committed to improve
the competitiveness of our customers.

Vision Statement

Our success can only be achieved by a motivated team in a healthy work environment, where all our employees feel valued for their efforts and have the possibility to fully develop their professional and personal skills.

Mission Statement

To make long-term difference in our industry and earn the trust of our partners and shareholders, improving our customers competitiveness, by achieving a high availability of production equipment with low maintenance costs.


We treat each another with respect and communicate openly.

We are honest with ourselves and others.

Customer Focus
We have a business mind set within the organization which promotes profitability, efficiency and the implementation of best practice business processes.

Social Responsibility
We will endeavor to create a clean, safe and healthy workplace and environment

Code of Conduct & Structure

We Are Committed to
the Highest Standards

“We are committed to economically and environmentally sustainable business practices, providing safe working conditions”

Maintenance & Construction Services


PROMETIM is an International Group Specialized in Engineering and Manufacturing Services, Repair and Maintenance of Infrastructures and Electromechanics.


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